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testimonials   email  Subject: AWLL3055

I bought an Airlink 802.11G USB Adapter with +10dBi antenna, and hooked it up to my Mandriva Linux system.

I went to the "configure network" area and Mandriva recognized the ZD1211 chipset. I clicked the button to configure it, Mandriva installed the zd1211-firmware module, and it just worked.

My signal strength is now 94% and I have full download speed; on the old PCI card I could only get 26% strength and 20K bytes per second.

I'm very pleased with your product.

email  Subject: AWLH6045

"Just wanted to share my positive experience with installing and configuring my 300N PCI adapter, purchased at Fry's Electronics. I replaced the AirLink101® 802.11g PCI adapter.

I am not a networking expert by any stretch, but I can follow directions. The entire installation process, both hardware and software, took about 10 minutes. The instructions were clear and concise.

And so much for my concern about compatibility with my Linksys Draft N router. The Airlink101 integrated perfectly the first time and the results are increased network speed and more reliability throughout my home. Music streams uninterrupted across the network from my shared iTunes library, and the speed is about 270Mb compared to 56 with the 802.11g PCI adapter.

Thanks for alleviating my anxiety about upgrading my network connectivity and I will definitely recommend AirLink101® to anyone who asks. Great VALUE!!!"

email  Subject: AIC250W

"I just wanted to inform you that I am an owner of an AIC250W camera and want to let you know about an operational success story.

I have had this camera for a couple years now and have it mounted on my home residence. It is protected from the elements, however it is outside. The last few days we have been experiencing the coldest weather in many years. The temperature last night fell to -35C and the camera is still operating. I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada."

Surprised and satisfied customer

email  Subject: ANAS350

"I have always been impressed with the AirLink101 products that I have purchased and used in the past. This is also true for many of my colleagues. Thus, I have been waiting anxiously for you Network Attached Storage Enclosure since you confirmed more than a year ago that you were working on one.

Today I purchased your ANAS350 Office NAS product. Let me say that this product has totally lived up to my expectations to date. The unit was totally operational within minutes of unpacking. I had activated MAC filtering on my network that only allowed specific MAC addresses to access the network. Once I turned that off, the network quickly found the NAS and I was able to quickly add the designated MAC address for the NAS to my permitted list. The filter is again on and I am running solidly.

The unit is quite quick for a 10/100Base-TX network system. Other units that I have purchased and attempted to use were considerably slower (more than 5X) and placed enormous demands on the network even when there was no file transfer occurring. The ANAS350 Office NAS even worked flawlessly with my notebook computer’s wireless connection. I look forward to fully implementing the unit as a file sharing and network storage solution as I plan my migration to a gigabit network. Do you have a Gigabit version in the works?"

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